UK Importer of Evoke Motorcycles

Evoke Electric Motorcycles, in partnership with Amped Motorcycles Ltd. is now approved for the United Kingdom’s Plug In Motorcycle Grant. Evoke Motorcycles’ owners will be able to receive up to 20% of the total cost of the vehicle up to 1,500 GBP (~$2,000 USD) off the MSRP of the electric motorcycle.

The eligibility of the grant is processed by the UK partner and automatically deducted for the cost of the vehicle, thereby making the purchase experience more enjoyable.

The Evoke Motorcycles Urban S and Urban Classic are now both eligible for the above mentioned grant, making these electric motorcycles even more accessible to new riders.

The requirements of the UK PIMG is no CO2 emissions and a minimum running distance 50 km between charges. 2021 Urban S and Urban Classic electric motorcycles are capable of travel up to 250 km per charge and can top up to 80% in as little as 90 mins. The PIMG is part of the UK government’s initiative to encourage new and existing riders to switch to more sustainable means of transportation. Evoke Motorcycles is proud to join this initiative and do its part to protect our future.

“There is a hole in the electric motorcycle market that the Urban series will fill perfectly plus. Both the Classic and S have been granted eligibility for the PIMG (plug in motorcycle grant) meaning the UK Government will subsidise the purchase price for the customer by 20% up to a maximum contribution of £1500.

Not only does this incentivise potential customers but it adds huge credibility to the Evoke Motorcycles brand as a whole within the UK.

We feel very proud to have been chosen by Evoke to carry them forward with the UK & Ireland.”

Drew S. (Amped Motorcycles Founder)